Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Summer is here!

I lost so much weight last year and sewed so many lovely clothes then put most of the weight back on. So, as a result when the heat started again I had no summer clothes that fitted. Which meant shock and horror I had to start sewing again! I know, such a hard life right? 

I came across this cotton fabric in a small fabric in Felixstowe in May. It's not my usual style but something about it called out to me and I came home with 2 meters of it and memories of a lovely weekend. As I was pondering on summer wear I thought back to the Gretta top on and decided this would be perfect. These are PDF patterns so I sat down with a pair of scissors and sticky tape and had 80's tunes playing as I put it together one day.  The next I got on with cutting fabric and the actual sewing. This is a sideways picture, don't you love those summer colours?

Another view. I use wonderclips to hold my fabric in half straight when I am lining up my fabric on a cutting surface. 

When I sew I tend to listen to audio books. I am currently listening to the new book in the St Marys Chronicles so I know exactly how long it took to sew up.  This pattern is really easy.  It has facings, but no fastenings apart from the tie up strap details.  Making this a quick sew at 2 hours and 29 minutes according to how long I listened to the audio book app. I didn't rush as the weather made everything to hot. I look so bleached out and tired in this picture but I was a lot happier than I look honest.

Here is a closer view of the tied shoulders. They do as promised tie up and untie to your preference. The length comes down at bottom of the hip at the side with a curved hem at front and back which covers all the bulky areas.  Easy to shorten or lengthen though. 

This fabric has really changed my view o me wearing brighter colours and prints. So has opened my view on what fabric is suitable for me.

If you haven't heard of Seamwork before it is well worth a look into if you like PDF patterns. Seamwork patterns are through the pattern company Colette and costs $6 ( American) for 2 credits once a month.  You can use one credit for any one pattern on the seamwork site or 3 credits for a Colette pattern I think it is. If you do decide to subscribe I have a referral link just below if you would be so kind.  

But for now I am going to try and cool down a little and plain an alien dance costume for my granddaughter that she wants to feature a sparkly purple tutu. Nice fun project to dive into.
Take care

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