Thursday, 13 July 2017

Dancing Aliens birthday

Not sure how it happened but this little dancer is now 6! I got to watch her dancing on Monday with her outfit I had fun creating, I may be biased but I think she looked great.

I was asked to put an alien head on her shirt.  No worries I thought, then realised how small a shirt she wears.  If I had my thinking cap on before hand I would of unpicked the side seams, then sewed the head on the front of the shirt.  Then sewed the side seams back up. Of course I struggled with getting it sewn on until I clicked and was almost completed by then. Always leave it to me to do it all the hard way

The head band is just a simple plain little headband with glittery pipe cleaners twisted on and made into shapes.  Ever helped me with this, and I think added to the effect after it was given to her, and I super-glued two lots of big googly eyes on which I used four so they were double sided eyes.  My proudest moment of this piece was I used superglue and didn't stick myself or anything else to anything that wasn't intended to be stuck together.  I almost felt like a fully fledged adult for almost a nano second.

I didn't go to town to much with the tutu, as she still needed to dance and run around and not feel to hindered by it. Plus we have to show off the aliens silver leggings don't we?

So there we have it, I made an all dancing all singing alien outfit for a dance show, for the cutest alien going. I would do it again in a heartbeat as I had so much fun. Most importantly it was loved. 

I learnt I can use superglue responsibly.  Always check the remnant bin out in the fabric store.  I found the silver fabric for a ridiculous price.  Still have some left, so I expect that will come out to play in another project at some time. 

For now I am going to focus on smaller projects like bags to put Lego in. Similar to what I use for my knitting projects. I got asked to make a few to keep Lego kits in their own bags to save getting them all mixed up, and hopefully away out of the way of bare feet.

Take care

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Aliens in silver

Today I was back working on my Eldest granddaughters Alien dance costume. This so far has consisted of making a purple sparkly tutu.  On Tuesday I said to someone what I need is a piece of silver fabric in the remnant bin in the fabric shop.  And hey presto there was one well over a metre there and although it didn't show up to well it almost has a holographic glitter effect to it.  I would describe this as legging or swimsuit fabric.  I wanted a small piece to cut an alien head out of but with this find I decided to do a pair of silver leggings to go under the tutu. I even found a label to put in to look professional. I bought the label sometime last year on sale in the range.  Fabric was from fabric land

Quick search on pinterest for a free legging pattern for a 6 year old took me to  Got to say with the help of my overlocker/serger. This was a pretty quick and easy make. 

The label didn't even give me and problems.  Just hoping the little alien to be next Monday loves them as much as me and her Mum do.

I am thinking of trying out a few more pinterest crafts etc soon. You can find me here on Pinterest. 
But for now I will say goodnight as it's been a long day, and I am off to dream of 70's disco dancers in sparkly silver trousers 

Take care
Jules xx 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Kapow! Batman we love you

I sewed with many memories in mind.  After the sad news of Adam Wests passing recently I have been thinking of how popular Batman is these days. I have always loved Batman, even owning a toy Batmobile as a child.  I was secretly thrilled when my older son as a young toddler became a Batman and Robin fan.  Way before it was fashionable, way before you could easily buy batman logo anything you can think of, he was a fan.  So the loss of the original Batman was sad to us both. A long while ago I bought half a metre of official Batman fabric and wondered for a long time what to make from it? I wish I had bought more at the time.  How fantastic is this?

I had a bit of a tidy up of my craft and sewing supplies yesterday and came across this insul-bright batting/wadding and my mind started thinking.

Then I was looking through books later that night and came across Half Yard Heaven by Debbie shore and I was away with a plan.

Red bias binding was needed.  After all when I think of the caped crusader I always think of his sidekick Robin. 

Have you guessed what I made yet? Oven gloves of all things. Useful things don't need to be all twee or super cute.

A view before I sewed down my nemesis bias binding all round the outside. Not perfect by a long shot but a lot better than my last big job I did with the stuff at least.

Didn't have anyone to pose or take pictures of them in action earlier so a quick pocket shot here for now.

I am pretty impressed, nice big pockets and didn't take long to make at all.  Best bit of all is every time they are used they will hopefully raise a smile and bring back some happy memories of a childhood hero that we will always love.

Who was your first childhood super hero? let me know in the comments

Adam West, thanks for the years of entertainment.  May you rest in peace and live on always in our heart

Take care
Jules xxx