Thursday, 6 July 2017

Aliens in silver

Today I was back working on my Eldest granddaughters Alien dance costume. This so far has consisted of making a purple sparkly tutu.  On Tuesday I said to someone what I need is a piece of silver fabric in the remnant bin in the fabric shop.  And hey presto there was one well over a metre there and although it didn't show up to well it almost has a holographic glitter effect to it.  I would describe this as legging or swimsuit fabric.  I wanted a small piece to cut an alien head out of but with this find I decided to do a pair of silver leggings to go under the tutu. I even found a label to put in to look professional. I bought the label sometime last year on sale in the range.  Fabric was from fabric land

Quick search on pinterest for a free legging pattern for a 6 year old took me to  Got to say with the help of my overlocker/serger. This was a pretty quick and easy make. 

The label didn't even give me and problems.  Just hoping the little alien to be next Monday loves them as much as me and her Mum do.

I am thinking of trying out a few more pinterest crafts etc soon. You can find me here on Pinterest. 
But for now I will say goodnight as it's been a long day, and I am off to dream of 70's disco dancers in sparkly silver trousers 

Take care
Jules xx 

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